Words into Action

We give a portion of profits from every sale to a charity that is making a difference. We’re starting our Launch with the 13th Floor, and we’re looking to grow and maximize our customers’ impact through our many issues across the world!


13th Floor

In shelters all over the world, more black cats and dogs are euthanized every day than all other colors combined. Why? Some people still think black cats are bad luck, even in the 21st Century. Other people believe they’re “too common” looking and opt for pets with more unique markings. These factors create a problem at the pounds since black cats don’t get adopted as quickly—or at all—and they end up taking up valuable cage space. Because of this, they are often put down to make room for “more adoptable” animals. On top of that, many shelters refuse to adopt out black cats at all for fear they might be sacrificed in certain pseudo-religious rituals. Based on that fear, the people in the shelters decide they would rather end the black cats’ lives humanely than risk a torturous death. The 13th Floor will specialize in black cat adoption, and also provide refuge for black dogs and other critters people consider to be creepy. Like Blackboard Tees, the 13th Floor is founded by Robert Shapiro. All donations to 13th Floor will be used to first get a new shelter space established and then the real work of rescuing can begin. Our motto: it’s bad luck to be superstitious.




There are many issues in need of positive change, so we are looking to partner with the people who are making the changes we want to see in the world so we can back them up and support their efforts. We are currently actively seeking out nonprofit partners who support several key issues our society is facing today, including but not limited to:

· Environmental protection

· Gender equality

· LGBT rights

· Promoting peace

· Racial Equality

· Wildlife conservation

If you’re part of an organization who could benefit from ongoing donations in one of these areas, please CONTACT US and we can start talking about how we can help your organization by including you as one of our charity partners.