The Big Idea:

Blackboard Tees brings us together with a mission to turn the planet we live on into the world we want live in, and to look good doing it.

We create change:

First, we’ve taken the world of online retail t-shirt sales and spun it on its head. We take the issues that are most important to society and call them out. Then, we support a charity looking to better the world by donating a portion of the profits to them. While we’re kicking things off, all donations will be going to The13th Floor Animal Rescue. Then, as we grow, we will be partnering with more organizations for across many issues to maximize our effect.

Here’s how it works:


1. Pick the message you want to get out into the world.

2. Add to cart.

3. When you check out, The 13th Floor automatically gets a portion of the proceeds from your order.

4. Get the shirt in the mail.

5. Get excited!

6. Rock it and raise awareness for the causes you support.

Second, we invite everyone to take advantage of our fundraising platform to help their group raise money while raising awareness. This is an incredible opportunity to help fund your group while also helping BBTs support our charity partner. If you want a chance to better your school/religious organization/non-profit/club/etc., this is the right move! CLICK HERE for more information on how the fundraising works and get started.

Third, we also offer resale options at wholesale prices. CLICK HERE to contact one of our representatives and work out the details!

Fourth, if you don’t see exactly what you need on the site, CLICK HERE and contact us we’ll make it happen with custom orders for individuals or groups, and discounts for bulk orders are available!


Our History


Everyone loves a throwback, and the coolest thing about Blackboard Tees is that it’s a relaunching of Robert Shapiro’s original T-Shirt Fundraising Company, Social Tees. Social Tees evolved and became an incredible animal rescue organization that’s still operating today, so Robert decided to launch another company where his words can appear boldly near the hearts of people who have similar ideals. And thus, Blackboard Tees was formed. We feature both hard hitting messages from today’s most important issues, as well as classic slogans that were showcased on high profile platforms, such as MTV, In Living Color, and Arrested Development and were also sold at Spike Lee’s The Joint, The United Nations, N.O.W., and Planned Parenthood.


Our Future


Building on the legacy of the Social Tees original model, Blackboard Tees will also be funding Robert’s new animal rescue organization, the 13th Floor. This is especially awesome because the 13th Floor will specialize in finding forever homes for the animals with the highest euthanasia rates in kill shelters: black cats, as well as black dogs, and other misunderstood species of pets.

More so, we are actively seeking charity partners for BBTs to donate to. There are so many incredibly important causes our customers care about, so we want to make sure you have the chance to help make the change you want to see in the world every time you shop BBTs. The vision is to give YOU as the customer the choice of where a portion of the profits from your order will be donated. We know we cannot create the world we want by ourselves, so we want to support the nonprofits who are making those changes in a vast array of areas.

In addition to supporting The 13th Floor Animal Rescue, we would like to work with organizations who focus on:

· Environmental protection

· Gender equality

· LGBT rights

· Promoting peace

· Racial Equality

· Wildlife conservation

Our goal is to maximize our impact and make the most possible change across many areas where it is needed most: by helping people, animals, and the very planet we all share. If you work in a group that falls into one of those categories, CLICK HERE to contact us and inquire about becoming one of Blackboard Tees’ Charity Partners.

About the Founder

Robert Shapiro is a true Renaissance man. As an author, educator, animal rescue specialist, arborist, philanthropist, business owner, and wildlife rehabilitator, Robert has led a truly extraordinary life. He had lot of success with his first tee-shirt fundraising company, but his true passion is getting the word out about social issues to better our society, as well as advocating for animals who cannot speak for themselves. In fact, even though Robert has had articles published in notable publications such as The Huffington Post, Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine, Experience Life Magazine and is a continuing contributor to the Hudson Almanac, he is best known as the local East Village animal rescue guy who has saved over 100,000 critters and counting! Robert believes that education is the most important way to create lasting change, saying, “It’s all about education. People do what they’re taught at home and the only way we’re going to change the world is through education.” That is why he decided to relaunch his original, award winning designs through Blackboard Tees: The messages on our
shirts are designed to get attention, and the charities we support can educate the world and change it for the better.

Meet the Leadership Team


   Dean Ehrich
   Master Printer




   Brett P. Thompson
   Head of Media Marketing




   Marie Thompson
   Director of Business Development